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Simon's Monthly Tips


The month of March can surprise beekeepers because many bees starve during this time of the year. Check the weight of your hive, and feed more if necessary. If the weather prevents much natural foraging, many beekeepers will always ensure that there is feed available to encourage activity and egg laying.

The bees will start moving and expending energy, you want to make sure they’re fed. However, only perform your first inspection if it is a fairly warm day. Uk beekeepers like treat for mites before the nectar flow begins.

You’ll need to focus on swarm prevention early in the month by preparing for colony division when the Drone comb is formed.


  • Give your first inspection if warm enough.
  • Check for general health/diseases/wax moth.
  • Remove mouse guards and reducers when activity increases.
  • Prepare your spring Varroa treatment.
  • Dividing colonies can start when strong enough and Drone comb has formed.
  • Continue with feed unless natural foraging is strong.
  • Check food level by ‘Hefting’ your hives.
  • Update records.


  • Spare hives/frames/wax, Nucleus boxes.
  • Protective clothing.
  • Small tools, smokers and brushes.
  • Fondant based, liquid feeders and feeds.
  • Queen excluders and Supers.
  • Varroa treat your bees before adding Honey supers.


  • Hives and parts.
  • Tools and Smokers
  • Feeders and Food
  • Buzz clothing
  • Beginner starter packs
  • Complete packages
  • Varroa control and medication