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Simon's Monthly Tips


February is an important time to make sure the hive has enough food. This is particularly true where the weather is milder and bees are more active instead of clustering to stay warm; however, in a harsher winter, bees do need adequate stores to maintain their hive temperature through cold spells. You should carefully lift an end of the hive to gauge the weight.

Many beekeepers will always introduce feed at this time in order to stimulate egg production leading to early colony growth. This can have the effect of improving strength and yield later in the season.

Consider a high quality feed such as Candipolline Gold or a fondant block to feed the bees.


  • Check food levels.
  • Feed to top up stores and stimulate egg laying.
  • Check exterior for mice or other pests and damage.
  • Prepare spare hives/frames/equipment etc.
  • Make plans for your new season.
  • Check food level by ‘Hefting’ your hives.
  • Assemble and prepare spare frames and hives.
  • Update records.


  • Repair and replace your tools and equipment.
  • Repair/buy your Tools and Smokers
  • Spare frames and hives.
  • Tidy up your Apiary area.