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Queen Marker Cage with Plunger & Clip Catcher

An essential combination for marking and examination of the Queen.
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Product Description

 Queen Marker Cage with Plunger & Clip Catcher

1x Plastic Clip Catcher
An essential item for marking and examination of the Queen, this clip catcher allows for capturing without direct handling.
Simply place over the comb and press the clip between the thumb and forefinger to open the clip when ready to capture your Queen. The excluder sized slots allow any worker bees gathered to easily escape without risk of losing the Queen.

1x Marker Cage with Plunger
The Queen Bee Marker Plunger is a gentle way of holding the queen for marking and examination.
After capturing your queen, simply transfer into the plastic marking tube. Use the plunger to gently push the queen towards the marking cage, the soft sponge pad will prevent any harm to the Queen.
Once ready mark your queen on the exposed thorax with the appropriate colour for the year.

Mark as follows:
White: Year Ending in 1/6
Yellow: Year Ending in 2/7
Red: Year Ending in 3/8
Green: Year Ending in 4/9
Blue: Year Ending in 5/0