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Api-Bioxal - Varroa treatment

VMD approved treatment for controlling Varroa mites.
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Product Description

Api-Bioxal is a veterinary medicine based on Oxalic Acid used as an acaricide against Varroa. The treatment is most effective on broodless colonies during summer – winter months.

Each 35g sachet contains enough treatment for 10 Colonies.

Api-Bioxal has a long shelf life if it is kept sealed in a cool dry place. If the sachet is partially used, it must be resealed and should be used within 3 months. Each sachet carries an expiry date.

Once prepared into a solution, the manufacturer recommends usage within 24 hours.


Trickle Method

Dissolve all the powder of the bag in the sugar syrup prepared as follows:
Dosage: 5ml of the solution for frames full of bees, in a single administration.


Use an electrical vaporiser following the manufacturer’s directions.
Dosage: 2.3g for beehive.

Advice for Use

  • When handling powder product during pre-treatment or vaporisation, exercise caution and wear suitable protective clothing including a protective mask type FFP2, gloves and protective glasses.
  • For treatments during summer, prevent the Queen from laying artificially for 25 days before administering treatment.
  • All colonies in the same apiary should be treated simultaneously to avoid re-infestations.
  • DO NOT USE simultaneously with other acaricides.