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20 Litre Honey Settling Tank with Double Stainless Strainer

Beekeepers 20 Litre HONEY SETTLING TANK with Double stainless strainer

Product Description

 This honey tank comes complete with lid and Honey gate/valve !

  • Measuring 32cm Diameter and 36cm Deep
  • Metal Handle
  • 40mm honey gate with rubber 'o' ring seal
AND ... Stainless steel sliding double honey strainer 

Measuring 240mm in diameter, the arms can extend to 400mm so as to sit on your bucket/tank for easy cost effective strained honey. The two strainers will sit inside each other , measuring 100mm in depth

The top (more coarse) strainer has a mesh gauge of 1.5mm and the much finer second strainer has a fine mesh gauge of .5mm