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Buzz Work Wear Latex Gloves

Made from thick sting-proof fabric lined durable latex
Glove Size

Product Description

Buzz Work Wear Latex Gloves

Durable latex gloves with fabric lining for comfort whilst offering maximum protection against bee stings. The latex material is the most hygienic of all materials for beekeeping gloves as it allows for easy washing, making them potentially more practical than their leather counterparts.

Extended cotton twill sleeves featuring our Buzz Work Wear logo reach up to the elbow for additional arm protection. Rib knit cuffs allow for a close fit, whilst remaining stretchy enough to stay in place and slip over the hands.

  • We recommend washing your gloves at regular intervals to prevent the transmission of bee related diseases.

Glove Size Guide

Glove Size Guide

To check that you order the right size - Measure around your knuckles (at base of fingers) and this will give you your size

Size Knuckle Width
XS 20cm
S 23cm
M 24cm
L 26cm
XL 28cm