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Spare Fencing Veil for Suits

A Replacement veil with complete double ring zip, compatible with our Buzz Workwear Range Suits.

Product Description

These Replacement style fencing veils come complete with a double ring zip and are compatible to wear with our Buzz Workwear Range Suits.

Our most popular style of veil, the Fencing Veils are fitted with a fine plastic mesh that is flexible whilst offering ample protection. 

Easily attachable and made of Polyester Cotton blended fabric for hard wearing, durability and comfort.

Please note, the veils are not machine washable, please detach from suit before washing and hand wash only.

Keep your veil further away from your face for greater visibility with our Buzz Beekeepers Cotton Caps. 

Product Instructions

How to remove your veil:
  • Keep the two ring pull zippers tight together, they slot into each other.
  • Slide them to the end of the zip which has the longest tags without teeth at the end.
  • The veil should then easily be removed.
  • To attach the veil to the suit simply reverse this technique.