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Buzz Work Wear Round Veil Suit, Gloves and Starter Kit

Beginners Starter Kit
Suit Size
Glove Size
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Starter Kit

Buzz Work Wear Round Veil Suit, Gloves and Starter Kit

Included in your starter kit:

  • Buzz Work Wear Round Veil Suit
  • Buzz Work Wear White Soft Hide Gloves
  • Stainless Steel Smoker - Made of stainless steel with wooden / leather bellows for durability. 11 inches (28cm) tall and 4 inches (10cm) diameter smoke chamber
  • Bee brush - Large with very fine soft quality pure pig bristles
  • Stainless Steel hive tool- A traditional style hive multi-tool made from tempered stainless steel tipped red, slender and easy to use.
  • Cranked tine uncapping fork- This is a very popular tool used for uncapping frames of honey. 
  • Plastic queen clip catcher- An essential item for marking and examination of the Queen, this clip catcher allows for capturing without direct handling.
  • Queen marker cage with plunger- The Queen Bee Marker Cage with Plunger is a gentle way of holding the queen for marking and examination.
  • Frame Grip Lifter- A spring loaded device ideal for gripping a frame with one hand.


Round Veil Suit

Buzz Work Wear Round Veil Suit 

Our protective clothing is intended as work wear; offering hard-wearing durability, protection and comfort. The Unisex sizing is designed so that regular clothing can be worn underneath.

Elasticated at the waist, wrist and ankles, with thumb loops and elasticated foot straps to retain cuffs in position along with zipped ankles to keep trouser legs flush against boots

Complete with reinforced knees and eight handy pockets - two breast pockets with Velcro fastenings, two hip pockets, two thigh pockets and two small arm pockets suitable for an epi-pen, queen markers and small tools.

The round veil can be thrown back when not in use to rest lightly on shoulders, is fully detachable and fitted with a fine plastic mesh for excellent visibility. Velcro tabs where the zips meet at the neck offer extra security.

  • Machine Wash.
  • Please note: Veils are NOT machine washable please detach the veil from the suit before washing and hand wash only


Soft Hide Gloves

Buzz Work Wear White Soft Hide Gloves

Soft and supple gloves made from quality cow hide. The extended cotton twill sleeves, ending in a rib knit cuff allow for a close fit at elbow length, whilst remaining stretchy enough to stay in place and easily slip over your hand.

These gloves are a comfortable, offer ample protection and are more hygienic than other material types of beekeeping gloves.

  • Hand Wash and Drip Dry Only.
  • We recommend washing your gloves at regular intervals to prevent the transmission of bee related diseases.


Suit Size Guide

Buzz Work Wear Round Veil Suit Size Guide

This guide allows for your clothing worn underneath:

Size Height Chest Inside Leg Average Age
Toddlers Up to 119 cm Up to 60 cm Up to 46 cm 4-6 years
Infants Up to 130 cm Up to 66 cm Up to 53 cm 6 - 8 years
Children XS Up to 140 cm Up to 71 cm Up to 58 cm 8 -11 years
Children S Up to 150 cm Up to 79 cm Up to 71 cm 11 -14 years
Children L Up to 160 cm Up to 86 cm Up to 75 cm 14 - 16 years
S Up to 165 cm Up to 91 cm Up to 81 cm  
M Up to 173 cm Up to 99 cm Up to 84 cm  
L Up to 178 cm Up to 112 cm Up to 86 cm  
XL Up to 183 cm Up to 117 cm Up to 89 cm  
2XL Up to 186 cm Up to 122 cm Up to 89 cm  
3XL Up to 189 cm Up to 127cm Up to 91 cm  
4XL Up to 193 cm Up to 132 cm Up to 91 cm  
5XL Up to 198 cm Up to 137 cm Up to 94 cm  
6XL Up to 205 cm Up to 141 cm Up to 95 cm  
7XL Up to 209 cm Up to 145 cm Up to 96 cm  
8XL Up to 211 cm Up to 148 cm Up to 97 cm  

Glove Size Guide

Buzz Work Wear White Soft Hide Gloves Side Guide

To check that you order the right size - Measure around your knuckles (at base of fingers) and this will give you your size:

Size Knuckle Width End to End
4XS 15cm 40cm
3XS 16cm 40cm
2XS 17cm 45cm
XS 19cm 45cm
S 20cm 53cm
M 22cm 55cm
L 23cm 57cm
XL 25cm 59cm
2XL 27cm 60cm
3XL 29cm 60cm