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Our Charity Tohana

Association Tohana is a charity caring for under privileged and vulnerable children and adults in Madagascar.


Please click on the below tabs to find out how to support Association Tohana and updates on the children and adults you can help support.

About Association Tohana


To offer opportunities for education and training that will lead to strengthened self sufficiency and brighter futures for many of the disadvantaged people of Madagascar.


To ensure that 100% of all donations reach the people for which it is intended. All sponsors will know where their money has been sent, and even who their money has been spent on, especially ongoing donations such as ‘Sponsor a child at school’.

Update for 2017

A lot has happened since our charity was set up. There have been droughts and extreme weather changes that have caused many crops to fail . Last year many of the rice crops were washed away in the South of Madagascar.

This year the people of Madagascar have been hit with a major outbreak of Pneumonic plague, please clink on the below link for more information:

Pneumonic Plague - Guardian






However, the charity work is still pushing forward!

School Children

We have decided to sponsor another 10 children this year making a total of 20 children that we at Simon the Beekeeper Ltd are proudly sending to school.






Beekeeping School

Thanks to another record sales year, we were able to send a further £500 to our beekeeping charity.

This has enabled us to buy more hives and equipment and get 14 new Beekeepers on the programme. Your donations can go a long way in Madagascar.


Who You Can Support


Is a large island off the east coast of Africa well known for its unique wildlife and unspoilt habitat. Perhaps less well known is the widespread poverty and corruption across this beautiful country which condemns millions of the population to a life of  extreme poverty, disease and early death.


Mainly live in small isolated villages and towns across the country with limited access things we take for granted such as clean water, education, medical treatment and healthy food. Diseases like Tuberculosis, Cholera and diseases derived from malnutrition are common. Wages are around 20p a day for millions who have often never had the opportunity of schooling. Despite the depressing instability and uncertainty of the Madagascan government and economy, millions remain positive.


Sahasinaka is one of many thousands of isolated communities across the country. Many have not been to school , ventured outside of their community, or could even tell you when they were born. Our charity is based here. Already word has spread to neighbouring villages, and with your support we want to continue to grow our charity and support as many people as possible.

They are happy optimistic and generous people who lead a simple life.The most effective way to break this desperate situation continuous corruption and exploitation is by getting the children to school. 



Send a Child to School


£2 a month will pay for your sponsored child to go to school every day with paper and books. You will get a photograph and a brief profile of your children, and have access to progress updates. You will also be able to see their reports from the teacher.

 You can access their details and progress on our charity Facebook page:


Your name/business will be credited with your child(ren) profile(s) on our Facebook page unless you prefer to remain anonymous. You will also see progress reports from the school as your sponsored child progresses.


Many parents are desperate for their children to get a chance to go to school. It is often a chance for their children, that they themselves had only dreamed of. A staggering 85 families had registered their children to be considered for a place within the first 24 hours of the TOHANA launch in July 2015.  Since then the waiting list numbers continue to grow rapidly. More sponsors are desperately needed. Our charity works with the French Catholic Nun volunteers who run the school in Sahasinaka. There is also interest from families living in neighbouring villages who are prepared to relocate so that their children can get the opportunity of going to school.

Your £2 will pay for a permanent full time school place with pens, paper and books for one child.


Choose your child and subscribe.

You will be given a photograph and brief details of your child. They will also be aware of who has sponsored them.

The easiest method of payment is by standing order at £2 per child per month. Alternatively you can pay £24 for the year by Cash or Cheque.

You can request a form through our facebook page, or through the below details:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: ASSOCIATION TOHANA, C/O Lisa Mahalanona Morgan, 3 Laburnum Avenue, Newbold Verdon, Leicsestershire,  LE9 9LQ, United Kingdom

Apiary Project

One effective way of generating income is by making the most of natural resources, and honey production can offer this. A beekeeper is being employed to develop a small beekeeping training centre in the village with around 10 hives to start with.

This pilot project was started in July 2015 and has been a huge success, the project was sponsored by:

Simon The Beekeeper

Beekeeping challenges

We are not expecting our beekeepers to win any honey prizes, but we do aim to help them sell their honey to feed their families. Any containers are used to package the honey for sale. Recycled drinks bottles are very popular!








The bees can be quite migratory in their behaviour, and it is often frustrating trying to get them to stay put.The hot season poses another big challenge, just trying to keep the bees alive. Theft is also a problem. Hives are often stolen with the honey consumed, bees discarded and the hives used as fire wood to destroy the evidence . 

We have had an Apiary house built for our school in order to deter thefts, as there were many previous thefts prior to building this.


How You Can Help

Please support Association Tohana by either:

Sponsoring a child (or children) to attend school


Sponsor the Training Apiary Project

Contact us :   

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: ASSOCIATION TOHANA, C/O Lisa Mahalanona Morgan, 3 Laburnum Avenue, Newbold Verdon, Leicsestershire,  LE9 9LQ, United Kingdom