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Electric Uncapping Knife

An electric 240V, mains powered, uncapping knife with an UK plug

Product Description


An electric 240V, mains powered, uncapping knife. 

All stainless steel blade measuring 250mm x 50mm, wooden handle, 3m black flex wire with UK plug and non-adjustable temperature control. The electric uncapping knife is very light and comfortable to use.

Guide on how to use the uncapping knife:

● Hold the frame on a solid and secure surface.

● Tilt the top of the frame towards you slightly to ensure that the sheets of cappings fall away from the frame.

● With the blade at the top of the frame, move the knife down the frame just underneath the cappings and allow them to fall into a collecting container.

● The heat from the blade helps to remove the cappings: the knife does not need to be razor sharp.