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Observation Hive

Can be used as a 5 frame national nucleus hive ready to easily convert into an effective portable observation hive.
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Item Description

Can be used as a 5 FRAME NATIONAL NUCLEUS HIVE ready to easily convert into an effective PORTABLE OBSERVATION HIVE. 
*British design and manufacture
*Complete Nucleus box with 4mm double sided glass observation hive top.
*Includes 2 top mesh breather / feeder holes, metal Queen excluder, mesh floor    with Varroa drawer, stretch fasteners, 2 correx cover boards.
*Easily dismantled for cleaning
*Dimensions 56cm (22") high, 22cm (8.75") wide, 48cm (19") long
*Made with durable 'Medite' wood and Galvanised steel  
*Frames not included


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