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Mating Hive with Accessories

This is an effective way of rearing new Queens and colonies.
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MATING HIVE with instructions (600x600)
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Mating Hive

Once queen cells have been raised, the virgins have to be mated. This has traditionally been done by making up a nucleus with full size frames for each queen, effectively taking a lot of bees out of honey production, just to support one queen. 

Modern plastics and a different approach to creating a mini colony have given us the Mating Hive or Mini-Nuc, which uses only a handful of bees at any given time. Not only that but each Mating Hive can look after a number of queens in succession.

Using the Mating Hive is an effective way of rearing new Queens and colonies from surplus Queen Cells or part of a planned queen production programme. It can be very useful to use when unwanted Queen Cells have been produced from a good performing colony.

The Mating Hive is; lightweight, small and made from rigid, double-walled and insulated hard plastic and designed to be unappealing to mice. Requiring only a handful of bees, the Mating Hive is relatively self-sufficient throughout the Queen mating season.

Complete with:

  • Feed Chamber
  • Three frames
  • Sliding floor
  • Entrance gate
  • Simon’s guide on ‘How to Use your Mating Hive'.

Mating Hive Accessories

Mating Hive Accessories:

  • Queen Marker Pen
  • POSCA water based, non-toxic, non-fade, quick drying marker pen, built in agitator mixes paint prior to use. Use to mark Queen Bees as a method of location and identification.
  • Available in the five internationally recognised colours: White, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue. (Select your pen colour prior to check-out)
  • Once ready, mark your queen on the exposed thorax with the appropriate colour for the year.
  • Mark as follows:
  • White: Year Ending in 1/6
  • Yellow: Year Ending in 2/7
  • Red: Year Ending in 3/8
  • Green: Year Ending in 4/9
  • Blue: Year Ending in 5/0
  • Plastic Queen Clip Catcher
  • An essential item for marking and examination of the Queen, this clip catcher allows for capturing without direct handling.
  • Simply place over the comb and press the clip between the thumb and forefinger to open the clip when ready to capture your Queen. The excluder sized slots allow any worker bees gathered to easily escape without risk of losing the Queen.
  • Queen Marker Cage
  • Mark your queen with ease with our Queen Marker Cage. Simply press the cage into the comb over your Queen and once secure, carefully mark the Queen on the thorax with the appropriate colour for the year.
  • (Colour may vary)
  • Two Butler Queen Introduction Cages
  • These lightweight portable Butler Cages are used in capturing, transporting and introducing new and virgin Queens. Includes; a hollow outlet design to keep your Queen safe during inspection, sliding top plates for easy accessibility and a candy compartment to enable worker bees to feed the Queen.
  • Produced from high quality plastic, colours may vary.