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Honey Refractometer

This is enables you to measure the water content of your honey.
With Oil & Stone Calibration Set?

Product Description

This is enables you to measure the water content of your honey.

Just place a drop of honey on the prism with the aid of the pipette provided, and look through the eyepiece towards the light.

There are 3 scales (Illustrated) for water content , focus on the right hand scale to give the percentage water content

*Case dimensions 205mm x 75mm x 54mm

*Complete with Pipette, calibration screwdriver, instructions and Lens cloth

Oil & Stone Set

This set is to be used in conjunction with our honey refractometer if the refractometer needs calibrating.

Please follow the below instructions to calibrate your refractometer:

  1. Place a small amount of oil on the smooth side of the stone. 
  2. Press the stone (with oil side down) to the prism on the refractometer, and press it with force. Make sure there is no air bubble between the stone and the prism. 
  3. Clean the oil around the stone, if there is oil around the stone, you will not see the lines on the scale.
  4. Test to see if there is clear line on the scale. If not, try to move the stone up or down slightly. 
  5. Clean the oil around the stone. 
  6. Try again to see the test line, there should be a clear line now.  
Units in box: 1