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Economy Varroa Oxalic Vaporiser

A quick method for treating Varroasis, particularly effective during broodless periods and winter months.

With Api - Bioxal Treatment?

Item Description

Economy Oxalic Vaporiser

This is an effective tool for vaporising oxalic based products, used for treating Varroasis, particularly during winter months and broodless periods.

This Vaporiser can be used in conjunction with Api-Bioxal.
Simply push the silver end into the front of the hive with your chosen oxalic product on top, connect the two starter lead cables to any 12v battery (not included), this will then vaporise into the hive.
Handle length: 53cm
Cable Length: 90cm
Exercise caution when handling any oxalic based products during pre-treatment or vaporisation. Suitable protective clothing should be worn at all times including a protective mask type FFP2, gloves and protective glasses.

Api Bioxal

This is a very effective authorised method of controlling Varroa mites .
*Enough for 10 doses
*Easy to use and comes with clear instructions for use
*1 treatment is often used in winter, or 3 doses at 7 day intervals in spring or summer
*Do not use during honey production