Beginner Poly Hive Package

New to beekeeping? This package includes everything you need to get started. 

Includes a full Maisemore poly hive, frames, foundation, suit, gloves and essential tools.

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Arrives flat-packed with assembly instructions and screws.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Varroa Mesh Floor with Inspection Drawer and Landing Board Design
  • 1 x Roof
  • 1 x Super
  • 11 x BS National SN4 Hoffman Super Frames
  • 11 x BS Super Wired Foundation Sheets
  • 1 x Brood Box
  • 11 x BS National DN4 Hoffman Brood Frames
  • 11 x BS Brood Wired Foundation Sheets
  • 1 x Poly-carbonate Crown Board
  • 1 x Polyhive Plastic Queen Excluder - 500mm x 500mm
  • Poly Hive Porter Bee Escape Crown Board - 500mm²
  • Buzz Work Wear White Fencing Suit
  • Buzz Work Wear White Soft Hide Gloves
  • Stainless steel smoker
  • Yellow Hive Tool
  • Bee Brush

Please note frames and foundation will acquire assembly. 

Compatible with most wooden national hive parts (except wooden roof). Made from high-density polystyrene, it is up to three times stronger than what is used in packaging and has excellent insulation properties, keeping your bees warmer during winter.

To preserve your Poly Hive we recommend painting the exterior with our poly hive paint.

We also recommend all new beekeepers attend a course or training prior to receiving their bees. You can now complete an online foundation course, and access additional courses and workshops aimed at experienced beekeepers. There are courses available to support you at any stage of your beekeeping journey.

Click here to view available online courses

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