Stainless Steel Smoker, Hive tool, Uncapping fork and Brush

Smoker and tool package
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Stainless Steel Smoker - 
  • Made of stainless steel with wooden / leather bellows for durability.
  • Fire Guard
  • Perforated Breather Plate
  • Thick Durable Leather Bellows
  • 11 inches (28cm) tall and 4 inches (10cm) diameter smoke chamber
  • Bellows clip and hanging hook
  • Instruction leaflet on how to use your smoker
Bee brush - 
Large very fine soft quality with pure pig bristle

Stainless Steel Half-Red Hive Tool
A traditional style hive multi-tool made from tempered stainless steel tipped red, slender and easy to use.
Uncapping fork (straight tine) - 
Sturdy moulded plastic with very sharp tines