Stainless Steel Sliding Double Honey Strainer

An effective method for straining and processing honey, this double honey strainer is designed to filter impurities and debris to produce a cleaner product.

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Simply drain the honey from your extractor into the filter and the two separate layers of medium and fine mesh capture any unwanted debris allowing the honey to be cleared before settling. Sliding extendable arms measuring up to 40cm allow the filter to be suspended over all sizes of our settling tanks and storage buckets with ease.

Mesh measurement - 40 and 60 meshes.

Diameter 23cm 

1 Reviews

Does the job
Works as needed, extending handles are useful although would be nice if this was a frame that could be used with either size mesh. Honey gets strained well and comes out clear. If you're messy uncapping then the top mesh can clog a little with wax, slowing things down so may be worth having two or three to be able to switch between if processing large amounts of honey. Recommend.

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