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Hives, Frames & Parts

2 Porter Bee Escapes

Porter Bee Escapes X 2


Pair of Adjustable Hive Fasteners

Make your hives and nucs more secure


500g BUZZ Gimp pins / Frame nails

Used for assembling pretty much all Beehive frames


National 6 Frame Nucleus Polyhive With Miller Feeder

This high density 6 frame Polyhive includes a ...


2 Plastic National Frame Runners

These are for standard National brood boxes and ...


10 x BS DN4/Brood frame assembly pack

Suitable for standard BRITISH NATIONAL and WBC ...


BS Shallow (Super) unwired foundation x 100

Suitable for BRITISH NATIONAL, WBC and SMITH hives


Bee Hive Frame Wire Crimper

Bee Hive Frame Wire Crimper.


Langstroth Galvanised Steel Queen Excluder

Measuring 508mm x 414mm for Langstroth hives


Nucleus Polyhive National Brood Box

Used in conjunction with the Polyhive Nucleus box


100 x BS 14 x 12 (brood) Wired Foundation

Suitable for BRITISH NATIONAL, WBC and SMITH hives


Mouse Guard

Made from Galvanised Steel.


10 x British National Polyhive Plastic Queen Excluder

Measuring 500mm x 500mm and specifically designed ...


Heavy Duty Frame Wire Crimper

Heavy duty crimper made from stainless and beech ...

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