BS SN4 Super Frame & Foundation Pack

Suitable for British National,WBC and Smith hives if the top bar lugs are shortened. 

Includes frames, wired foundation and gimp pins for easy assembly

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VAT included

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Frame assembly pack includes:

National SN4 (shallow/super) Hoffman Frames- with Gimp Pins

BS Shallow (Super) Wired 100% beeswax Foundation Sheets

Please note, you will need to assemble the frames and foundation together yourself.

STORAGE : Keep covered in dry cool conditions.


PRECAUTIONS : You may benefit from wearing gloves, and cutting sharp wire ends off prior to assembly 

3 Reviews

Very good value
Thesexard everything they should be in 11's which is awesome! Thank you very much...

Good quality and a good price with prompt delivery. Steve April 2019.

adrian mcdaid
great service got my foundation no problem. sent to the correct address. not like bee equipment and there deliverly services dpd just drop it of anywhere 20 miles away from the address they where given many thanks to u and your team. adrian mcdaid
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