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Beekeeper's Friend Multi-Tool

Stainless Steel utility tool with Rosewood finish
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Beekeeper's Friend Multi-Tool

 A stainless steel multi-tool with a rosewood finish handle.

An essential item for any Beekeeper offering a variety of features including:

  • Claw Hammer for assembling frames or removing pins.
  • Grip ended pliers for general repairs and stretching frame wire.
  • Wire Cutter for trimming frame wire or general repairs.
  • General purpose Phillips Cross Head screw driver
  • Pen Knife useful in removing queen cells etc.
  • Coarse saw suitable for removing branches during swarm retrieval
  • General rip saw for use in shortening frame lugs.
  • Bottle opener for those hot summer days.

Also includes heavy duty pouch for storage.

All in one handy tool which will slip into one of the many tool pockets provided on our Buzz Work Wear suits, tunics and jackets.