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Settling Tank with Double Stainless Strainer

Settling Tank with stainless steel strainer
Tank Size

Product Description

Settling Tank:

  • Made from food grade plastic.
  • Complete with tamper proof lid, wire handle and removable honey valve with rubber seal.
  • Available in 10L, 15L, 20L and 25L sized buckets.

Please Note: Some assembly required. Whilst the settling tank comes pre-drilled for your convenience, for delivery purposes the valve is not placed into the hole.

Settling Tank Size: Height: Diameter:
10 Litre 265 MM 260 MM
15 Litre 292.5 MM 318 MM
20 Litre 319 MM 336 MM
25 Litre 397 MM 278 MM

Stainless Steel Strainer:

Sliding extendable arms measuring up to 40 cm allow the filter to be suspended over all sizes of our settling tanks and storage buckets with ease.

  • Measures 24 cm in diameter, 10 cm in depth
  • Top Layer: mesh gauge of 1.5 mm
  • Bottom Layer: mesh gauge of 0.5 mm