Deluxe Uncapping Fork/Peeler

The uncapping fork is made to scrape off the wax caps on the comb that your knife left behind. They are especially useful for the difficult corners of the comb. 

To use, simply slip the tines under the wax caps and lift them off of the comb.

2 Reviews
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  • Stainless steel tines
  • Wooden handle
2 Reviews

Very effective and easy to use. Works well, wouldn't be without this. Bought on advice from a bee farmer and we'll priced here.

Excellent uncapping tool.
I saw this advertised on social media at a much higher price and decided to give this one a try. Well, unless you have a heated uncapping knife, this is probably the next best thing. It is made from very sturdy steel and seems well assembled. It works very well, removes the cappings cleanly and finely and does not get gummed up. I would recommend this tool.
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