Swarm Management

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Swarm Lure / Attractant Wipe

Formulated from natural plant oils to attract bees during their swarming season.
Hives & Frames

Maisemore National 6 Frame Poly Nuc With Miller Feeder

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Lightweight high density polystyrene offering excellent insulation during colder months. Can be used to collect swarms or for splitting your colony.  Now with a deeper roof so you can fit a 1kg pouch of Candipolline or fondant in your miller feeder.
Hive Equipment

Beekeeper's Friend: 8 Way Multi-Tool

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An essential item for any Beekeeper offering a variety of features. All in one handy tool which will slip into one of the many tool pockets provided on our Buzz Work Wear clothing.
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Traditional Skep - 'Seconds'

Traditional handcrafted straw Skep used for collecting swarms - this product is a 'second' due to some imperfections on the finishing. Does not affect use.
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