Hive Accessories

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Hive Accessories

Insulated Winter Hive Wrap

Protect your hive over winter with our insulated hive wrap.  The thick waterproof material will act as a deterrent against woodpeckers, and is insulated to provide extra warmth and minimise draughts in your hive during the colder winter months. The wrap can be reused easily and no pins or nails are required as the wrap will secure tightly using the...
Wooden Hives

Nails for Wooden Hives

450g of galvanised 2" / 50mm oval nails suitable for almost all wooden hives
Hive Accessories

B.S National Wood Framed Wire Queen Excluder

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Suitable for British National, WBC & Smith hives The wooden frame provides bee space between hive boxes allowing worker bees to pass through easily without fear of damage. Click here for our multi-buy discounts! 
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