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BS Honey Bees National Poly Nuc Eke

Convert your BS Honey Bees National 2-1 Poly Nuc Box to a 14x12 Nuc. Compatible with Maisemore Nuc and Maisemore Nuc Super Boxes The only Eke to feature removable lug fillers which fill the gap where bees are likely to brace comb but also allows you to use on standard deep frames for treatment or fondant feeding.
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BS Honey Bees National 2-1 14 x 12 Poly Nuc Box

Versatile National poly nuc that can be used as either a 6 frame nuc box, or split into 2 x 3 frame mating nucs. Includes an integrated 3L feeder for either syrup or fondant based feed. Entrances on both the front and rear to allow 2 colonies to be reared at one time. Compatible with Maisemore Nuc Brood and Maisemore Nuc Super Boxes
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National Premium Wooden Hive Super - Seconds

British National super made from high-density pine wood. *Second grade wood - wood may have knots, require additional sanding and filler/glue on the joints* Have your super assembled for only an extra £5!
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