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National Hive Snelgrove Board - 'Seconds'

This National High Snelgrove Board has some slightly warped but still functional. Snelgrove's ingenious swarm control method is suitable for those with few hives. It relies on splitting the colony and continuously bleeding young bees from a top brood box to the lower part of the hive.
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Jumbo 6L Rapid Bee Feeder - Missing Cup

6L feeder missing cup. This large rapid feeder is ideal for reducing the number of refills needed making it perfect for use during the winter months.  Compatible with British National and Langstroth hives. Includes inner clear cup which allows for a view of the bees whilst feeding. Ridges on the feeder cone allow the bees to grip resulting in little or...
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Stainless Steel Radial 6 Frame Honey Extractor - Ex Display

Ex Display Stainless Steel Radial 6 Frame Honey Extractor - has some marks and some paint missing. Does not affect usage. Suitable for most British National frames, excluding National 14 x 12 Brood frames. Will fit six British National Super frames (SN4/SN1) or three British National Deep frames (DN4/DN1).
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B.S National Western Cedar Brood - 'Seconds'

Assembled B S National Western Cedar brood with some manufacturing imperfections. Some repair will be required. British National brood made from high quality Western Cedar.
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Swienty National Poly Hive Brood Box

Swienty Brood Box with some marks/dents walls of box - does not affect use. Suitable for National DN1/DN4 frames. Castellated spacers can be used with the brood. Arrives flat-packed, the brood is easy to assemble with 'dovetail' joints that slot together. Includes 2 plastic frame runners.
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B.S National Wooden Hive Super - Flat Pack 'Seconds'

Flat pack British National super made from quality high-density wood. These are 'seconds' with some slight imperfections, these will not affect the use of the super.
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BC: National Brood Wooden Dummy Board - Ex Display

Some discolouration to the edging and corners of the dummy board. Does not affect usage. Suitable for British National Broods. Dummy boards are for closing gaps in the super when the frames do not fit exactly, preventing heat loss and the build up of brace comb. Removing the boards first will mean you have more space to inspect the rest of your frames.
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